Saturday 2 August 2014

MX-5 Roadster NC Colours

This page lists all of the available colours for NC models. There were three types of paint finish produced - Solid, Metallic, and Mica. Solid colours were just a plain simple finish, metallic colours had flakes of aluminium mixed in, and mica colours were mixed with mineral flakes to give a multi-coloured reflection. It's worth noting if you're having some paintwork done that there were several shades of each colour. Even though you have the correct paintcode, it may not be a 100% match to your existing paint due to shade variations. The colour samples below are indicative only, they don't show the metallic or mica effects.

You'll also notice a couple of rare colours such as Sunflower Yellow (also known as Competition Yellow) and Moist Silver - these two were not available in the UK.

If you were looking for the NB colours please click here or for the ND colours click here.

A4A True Red Solid 38P Aluminium Silver Metallic
27A Velocity Red Metallic 30S Moist Silver Metallic
41V Soul Red Metallic 22V Sunlight Silver Metallic
41G Zeal Red Mica A5M Marble White Solid
32V Copper Red Mica 34K Crystal White Pearl Mica
A3F Brilliant Black Solid 33Y Icy Blue Metallic
35N Sparkling Black Mica 40E Aquatic Blue Mica
41W Jet Black Mica 27B Winning Blue Metallic
42A Meteor Grey Mica 34J Aurora Blue Mica
36C Metropolitan Grey Mica 35J Stormy Blue Mica
32S Galaxy Grey Mica 42M Deep Crystal Blue Mica
39T Dolphin Grey Mica 27C Nordic Green Mica
42S Titanium Flash Mica 35K Highland Green Mica
28W Radiant Ebony Mica 36A Spirited Green Metallic
A6Y Sunflower Yellow Solid

Mazda's robot painters at work