Thursday 19 October 2023

MX-5 Roadster NB Colours

This page lists the available paint colours for the second generation NB models. There were three types of paint finish produced - Solid, Metallic, and Mica (also called Pearl). Solid colours have a plain finish, metallic colours are mixed with flakes of aluminium for extra shine, and the more expensive mica colours use a ceramic flake to produce a multi-coloured pearlescent reflection. The colour samples in the chart below are indicative only, they don't show the metallic/mica effects and some are exaggerated to help differentiate between them.

Titanium Grey had an update to Titanium Grey 2 towards the end of production, I am not sure what the difference is, perhaps a subtle revision to the paint formula.

Eternal Red was an updated version of the earlier Classic Red, this time with a clearcoat to help protect against the red pigments fading with age, which can be an issue with plastic body panels and spoilers.

Sunburst Yellow was previously used on Eunos models such as the J-Limited, for the second generation the colour is the same and was also known as Vivid Yellow in some markets. Lightning Yellow was a rare colour used for the Type-A Coupe model and some online Web-Tuned orders.

Chilli Orange was an interesting colour as it wasn't available on the Roadster in Japan. It was only used in a select few overseas markets, such as the second Icon model in the UK and in the USA for the 2005 Mazdaspeed Miata where the colour was named Lava Orange.

Starry Blue Mica was exclusive to the Mazdaspeed Roadster model in Japan, but also appeared in the USA where it was known as Laser Blue. This is a really amazing looking paint which was sadly never available to the UK market.

27C Nordic Green Mica 22A Supreme Blue Mica
18J Grace Green Mica 25E Strato Blue Mica
25R Splash Green Mica 24A Starry Blue Mica
23C Crystal Blue Metallic 20P Innocent Blue Mica
4PT Chaste White Solid 12K Twilight Blue Mica
A3D Pure White Solid 28W Radiant Ebony Mica
22V Sunlight Silver Metallic PZ Brilliant Black Solid
18G Highlight Silver Metallic 16W Black Mica
25G Titanium Grey Metallic 23E Art Vin Red Mica
29Y Titanium Grey 2 Metallic 25F Garnet Red Mica
24V Cerrion Silver Metallic 27A Velocity Red Mica
HZ Sunburst Yellow Solid SU Classic Red Solid
A4J Lightning Yellow Solid A3E Eternal Red Solid
26S Blaze Yellow Mica 33J Chilli Orange Mica
18K Evolution Orange Mica