Tuesday 25 April 2017

BBR MX-5 ND Turbo Conversion

Mazda tuning specialists Brodie Brittain Racing (BBR) have launched a new turbo kit for the ND MX-5. BBR have been working on their 2.0 turbo setup for around three years after acquiring a 2.0 Mazda 3 for testing. They have managed to produce a kit that looks right at home in the MX-5's engine bay.

After extensive testing of various types of turbo, BBR opted for low back pressure twin-scroll technology. The TSX30-71R turbo itself features the latest generation billet compressor wheel and lightweight low inertia turbine housed in a compact assembly with internal wastegate. Although currently only Stage 1 is offered, the efficient twin-scroll turbo has plenty of margin for higher boost upgrades later on.

The new turbo is paired with a bespoke cast-iron exhaust manifold and produces 248 bhp at 7150rpm with a maximum torque of 236 lb.ft at 3250 rpm. The charge is cooled via a front-mounted intercooler which requires no bodywork modifications, helping to make the changes fully reversible. The conversion uses BBR's Starchip EcuTek RaceRom ECU software which doesn't interfere with Mazda's electronic safety systems and allows the car to remain emissions compliant for the MOT.

Given the MX-5's lightweight design, a car equipped with BBR's turbo now has 233 bhp per ton, or about the same as the series 2 supercharged Lotus Exige S. With a 0-60mph time of around 5 seconds this boosted MX-5 could easily humiliate much more expensive cars.

The Stage 1 turbo package is priced at £4995.00 + VAT including installation at BBR in Brackley.

Stage 1 BBR Turbo Kit Main Components

  • Bespoke twin scroll hybrid TSX30-71R turbocharger
  • Bespoke cast iron twin scroll exhaust manifold
  • Stainless steel downpipe
  • Lightweight front mounted aluminium intercooler
  • Factory black finish intake pipes
  • Custom silicone turbo pipes in black finish
  • Stainless steel hose clamps with unique black coating
  • Lightweight aluminium battery tray in factory black finish
  • Recirculating piston type dump valve in factory black finish
  • BBR / Bosch MAP / temperature sensor
  • Carbon fibre turbocharger heat shield
  • K&N Typhoon induction kit
  • BBR stainless steel oil and water lines
  • BBR Starchip EcuTek RaceRom calibration software

  • For more details please see BBR's website