Tuesday 7 March 2017

Frank's Winning Blue NC

Frank's Winning Blue MX-5 NC
This stunning bright blue MX-5 comes all the way from New Zealand where it is well known within the official MX-5 community mx5club.org.nz. This car's owner is an active club member and has inspired many others with his numerous MX-5 modifications using parts sourced from around the world.

Frank's car is actually a Japanese import, a 2006 RS model, which he bought in 2015. Over the last two years there have been some quite dramatic changes to the standard specification.

The most notable upgrade is the Flyin' Miata MP62 supercharger conversion. Together with an ECUtek software reflash and exhaust upgrade, the supercharger boosts the 2.0 engine from 160 to around 240 Bhp. Such an increase in power required upgrades to the rest of the car to help keep things under control.
The RS model has Bilstein suspension as standard but these have been replaced with an adjustable TEIN setup. Chassis rigidity is enhanced by AutoExe's large butterfly cross brace, and the more substantial sway bars from the RX-8 are fitted.

These stronger bars are quite a popular upgrade for the NC as it is easy to do and the parts are not too expensive. For more stopping power Frank has added a full RX-8 brake conversion with grooved discs. The driver and passenger are held comfortably by a pair of black Recaro SR-6 sports seats.
The car's exterior modifications include the addition of a front lip and sideskirts by the German tuner ATH Hinsberger, Mazda's optional rear skirt and lip spoiler, and IL Motorsport headlight trims. The standard 17" alloys were changed to a set of 18" forged BBS CH-R with Nexun N'Fera SU1 tyres, 215/40/18 at the front and a wider 245/35/18 for the rears.

Frank's car has recently undergone further transformation with the addition of the later NC3 front end conversion. This consists of the second facelifted front bumper with its reshaped foglight mouldings and grille mouth, a new pair of headlights with black inner trim, Mazda's own optional front lip spoiler, and a new set of headlight trims.
Frank has also fitted the later style tail lamps and changed alloys to a staggered set of the classic looking BBS LM with 17x8 at the front and slightly wider 17x9 for the rear. This has created a very unique looking MX-5 especially as Winning Blue was not available on the later models of the NC generation. The contrast stripes and chrome details further ensure this supercharged Roadster stands out from the crowd.