Wednesday 12 October 2016

Mazda MX-5 Monza

The MX-5 Monza was a UK special edition released in 1997. The car used the 1.6i 88Bhp engine and was blessed with a very basic trim level to appeal to those seeking a 'raw' no frills driving experience. The revised low power 1.6i engine allowed for reduced running costs enabling more people to afford to own a sports car with prices starting from £14,595.

The exterior was finished in Neo Green and came with unique "Monza" decals on the bonnet and rear quarter panel area, and a new design 5-spoke 14" alloy wheel. Optional extras included the MazdaGuard alarm system, a CD multichanger stereo, stainless sill plates with "MX-5" logo, an interior wood trim kit, and the detachable colour coded hardtop.

Like the previous year's Monaco edition, the Monza was named after a famous race circuit. Although with only 88Bhp, performance didn't quite live up to the illustrious name. The Monza was the first MX-5 I bought (several years ago) and served as a good introduction to rear wheel drive open top motoring.
Mazda Mx-5 Monza