Thursday 9 June 2016

MX-5 Roadster ND AVO Turboworld Stage 1

Australian turbo specialists AVO Turboworld have over 35 years experience designing, manufacturing, installing and modifying turbo conversions. They have recently turned their attention to the ND MX-5 and now offer a range of performance upgrades for the 1.5 litre models.

The entry level 'Stage 1' package adds a high quality exhaust system, upgraded air filter, and an upgrade air intake. Together with the ECU's learning capability, these new parts and their combined effect on exhaust gas pressure & intake air flow, are said to offer a 10PS increase in peak power.
The Stage 1 upgrade kit uses a new 2.5" 304 stainless steel exhaust system. AVO replace the stock secondary cat with a stainless steel high-flow 160-cell sports version with a 5" diameter to reduce back pressure in the system. Finally there is a polished rear muffler made from tig welded 1.5mm 304 stainless steel. Inside this rear silencer there are stainless steel perforations with 1200°c muffler wool to keep noise under control whilst still producing a satisfying deep note. The muffler is finished off a with an adjustable 4" rolled tip available with a flamed or polished style.

The intake changes are a new AVO high-flow silicone intake pipe combined with the AVO dry cotton panel air filter which fits the stock airbox. This pairing allows the intake air flow to increase by 10%.

AVO are also offering a ceramic coated de-cat exhaust header as an optional upgrade. This part when combined with the Stage 1 kit gave a power increase of 20PS. Fitting such a kit would put the 1.5 litre car almost on par with the 2.0 model with the benefit of weighing less to begin with.
AVO also offer a bolt-on turbo kit for the 1.5 engine. This kit promises a 60PS power boost and takes the ND into hot hatch territory around 190PS. DAMD's Dark Knight Roadster demo car was fitted with this kit for the recent Tokyo Auto Salon.