Saturday 25 June 2016

Aimgain's Roadster ND Demo Car

Aimgain's Soul Red Roadster ND Demo Car
Aimgain GT are known for producing extravagant bodykit designs for high-end vehicles such as the Lambhorghini Aventador and Nissan GT-R. They are also active in the world of luxury stance and produce their own alloy wheels. It was a surprise then to see their attention turned to the little Roadster ND with a fully built demonstration model shown off at 2016's Tokyo Auto Salon.

This Soul Red Roadster is fitted with Aimgain's original design wide arched bodykit. A large splitter sits low under the front bumper supported by two corner fixings to reduce flex. The front arch extensions increase the car's width by 40mm each side. These are formed from two moulded pieces shaped around the side repeater lights. The rear arches are also two piece and widen the rear by 60mm each side.

To join the front and rear arch extensions, Aimgain have used a set of wide sideskirts with a vent in front of the rear wheels. To compliment the wide stance, a large rear diffuser has been fitted with a centre exit exhaust. The tailpipes are a twin 90mm design with a carbon finish. The rear of the car also has blacked out badges, a stubby antenna, and a Nascar style lip spoiler.

The standard Mazda alloys would never fill the huge arches, so instead they are replaced with a set of Aimgain's own two-piece G2M wheels. The 16" diameter is the same as standard but these wheels are much wider at 9J with a -19 offset. The fronts use a 10mm spacer and the rears a 38mm spacer to get the looks just right. The wheels are fitted with 215/45/16 Goodyear Eagle LS EXE tyres.

To finish off this extreme Roadster, Aimgain have fitted suspension from RS*R and Bride seats.