Sunday 28 February 2016

MX-5 Roadster ND Shop Options (2/2)

Here is the original Shop Options catalogue for the ND model with a summary of part numbers. Mazda's accessories differ by market and not all parts are available in all regions. For example the NR-A Mazdaspeed rollcage is not available in the UK, and the Recaro seats are not listed as an official option.

There are several pages in the catalogue about navigation systems, electronic toll payments, perfumes, alarms and remote start systems that are only applicable to the Japanese market. Some markets such as Australia, have the option of a discreet rear view camera made by Panasonic. This camera can either display on the MZD screen, or on a smaller display inside a special rear view mirror for cars without the touchscreen display.

Part Number
Mazdaspeed Front Skirt (Brilliant Black) + (Air Guide) QND1-50-AH0 + (N243V4990)
Mazdaspeed Rear Spoiler (Brilliant Black) QND1-51-960-PZ
Mazdaspeed Rear Spoiler (Body Colour) QND1-51-960-** (** = Paint Code see below)
Mazdaspeed Side Skirts (Brilliant Black) QND1-51-P10A
Mazdaspeed Rear Skirt (Brilliant Black) QND1-50-360
Mazdaspeed Chassis Cross Brace (Steel) QND1-56-3A1
Mazdaspeed Front Lower Brace (Steel) QND2-56-3A1
Mazdaspeed Engine Bay Strut Brace QND1-56-490
Mazdaspeed Front Tow Hook QND1-50-EJ0
Mazdaspeed Rear Tow Hook QND2-50-EJ0
Mazdaspeed Rollcage QND1-53-660
Mazdaspeed NR-A Bucket Seat QZZ1-57-100-8B
Mazdaspeed NR-A Seat Rails QND1-57-040

Mazdaspeed NR-A Takata Harness -
Mazdaspeed Rollcage Padding QEP7-53-050
Mazdaspeed Decal 150 x 13mm (Black) QBM1-52-11051
Mazdaspeed Decal 150 x 13mm (Silver) QBM1-52-11050
Mazdaspeed Decal 150 x 13mm (White) QBM1-52-11040
Mazdaspeed Badge 100 x 20mm (Carbon) QBM2-52-110
LED Daytime Running Lights N243V4680
Induction Sound Enhancer N243V9180
Aluminium Oil Cap (Silver) N243V9280
Aluminium Oil Cap (Red) 00008MD10
Brake Caliper Paint (Red) K050W0A30
Brake Caliper Paint (Gold) K050W0A31
Brake Caliper Paint (Blue) K050W0A32
Winblocker (MX-5 Logo) NA6RV1700A
Winblocker (Roadster Logo) N243V1700
Roll Bar Trim (Silver) NA1RV1690
Door Mirror Trim (Silver) NA1RV3650
Windscreen Surround Trim (Silver) NA1RV3070
Aluminium Brake & Clutch Pedals N243V909X
Aluminium Accelerator Pedal N243V9091
Aluminium Footrest N243V9095
Aluminium Brake Pedal (Auto) N243V9095
Polished Sill Plates (MX-5 Logo) 0000-8T-D36
Bastuck Sports Exhaust 410078501
Welcome Illumination (White) N270V7050
Welcome Illumination (Blue) N243V7050
Cup Holder Trim Ring (Silver) NA1RV1220
Alcantara Dashboard Trim NA1VV1170
Alcantara Door Trim (x2) NA1VV1200
Alcantara Gearshift Gaiter (MT) NA1PV1270
Alcantara Gearshift Gaiter (AT) N247V1270
Alcantara Handbrake Gaiter NA6WV1270
Alcantara Centre Console Lid N243V1190
Premium Floor Mats (Roadster Badge) N243V0320
Luxury Floor Mats (MX-5 Logo) NB2VV0320A
Standard Floor Mats (MX-5 Logo) NA1VV0320A
Floor Mats (Roadster Logo) N244V0320
Front Mud Guards (Unpainted) NA1PV3450
Front Mud Guards (Body Colour) N243V3450** (** = Paint Code see below)
Rear Mud Guards (Unpainted) NA1PV3460
Rear Mud Guards (Body Colour) N243V3460** (** = Paint Code see below)
Door Upper Trim (Two Pieces) (Brilliant Black) N244V1200PZ + N247V1200PZ
Door Edge Protector (Body Colour) C902V3150** (** = Paint Code see below)
Front Number Plate Holder C905V4021
Rear Number Plate Holder C904V4021
Rubber Cargo Tray (Small MX-5 Logo) 0000-8B-D31
Boot Cargo Tray (Large MX-5 Logo) ND11ACTRAY
Boot Tray Organiser N243V0370 or NA1PV0370
Rear Console Storage Net N243V0540
Carbon Fibre Luggage Rack NA1PV4730
Carbon Luggage Rack Brakelight Wiring NA1PV4747
Rear Parking Sensors C861V7285
MZD Connect Integrated Rear Parking Sensors ND11ACSPA
Front Parking Sensors ND11ACFPA
Mirror Integrated Parking Camera ND11ACMCPA
MZD Connect Integrated Parking Camera ND11ACSCPA or NDN1V7532
MZD Connect Navigation System BJM766EZ1D
Lowering Springs 410077780
McGard Lockable Wheel Nuts (x4) (Silver) 410077692A or C900W3495
Lockable Wheel Nuts (x4) (Black) C904W3495
Wheel Nuts (x16) (Black) QMSTLB000
16" Kuroi Alloy Wheel (Black) ND11ACAW16
17" Kuroi Alloy Wheel (Black) ND11ACAW17
17" Design 159A Alloy Wheel (Gunmetal) 9965857070
17" Design 159 Alloy Wheel (Bright Silver) 9965A07070
17" Design 66 Alloy Wheel (Diamond Cut) NA1PV3810
17" BBS Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black) 9965-98-7070
17" Design 69 BBS Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black) NA1V-V3-810
16" Design 158A Alloy Wheel (Gunmetal) 9965-H2-6560
16" Design 158B Alloy Wheel (Gloss Black) 9965-P5-6560
16" Design 158 Alloy Wheel (Silver) 9965-G3-6560
Windscreen Sun Shade N243V1130

Some parts are available painted from the factory. These all have a two digit code added to the part number that represents the car's body colour. The part number codes are different from the paint colour codes and are as follows:

PZ Brilliant Black
33 Arctic White
85 Crystal White Pearl Mica
62 Soul Red Metallic
51 Jet Black Mica
27 Meteor Grey Mica
83 Blue Reflex Mica
KM Ceramic Metallic

For example:

The part number for a Mazdaspeed rear spoiler painted Blue Reflex Mica would be QND15196083.

The updated Shop options catalogue features a nice picture of the Mazdaspeed bucket seats and their mounting rails.