Friday 5 February 2016

GReddy Roadster ND Demo Car

One of the most interesting roadsters on display at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon was GReddy's new demonstration model. This show car features Rocket Bunny creator Kei Miura's latest Pandem widebody kit together with GReddy's new turbo conversion.

The bodykit consists of several pieces designed to match the car's factory lines and panel gaps in a similar way to the AimGain GT kit. The front end features two-piece wheel arch extensions with cutouts for the side repeater light and exposed fixings. There is also a new wide front splitter attached underneath the factory bumper.

The rear arch extensions are even wider than the front and include a section that attaches to the door to smooth out the transition. There is also a rear under skirt and a huge carbon fibre GT style rear wing. A set of sideskirts finishes off the Pandem bodykit.

The wide arches are filled with a staggered set of 16" Rays TE37V alloy wheels. The rears are 9.5" wide and the fronts are 8", all are fitted with Bridgestone Potenza low profile tyres. Behind the wheels are upgraded brakes from Endless, and a lowered suspension plus GReddy Comfort Sport muffler with twin oval tailpipes add to the car's aggressive appearance.

The exterior of the car features a black/red/grey livery with some interesting paintwork to the windscreen surround and roll bar trim sections. This paint was supplied by Shiba Art and is electroluminescent. Passing an electric current into the paint causes it to glow a bluey green colour, which is pretty cool as you could switch it on and off at night.

For the interior there are a pair of red trimmed Bride VIOS III bucket seats with Prodrive harnesses. The standard Mazda steering wheel is replaced with one from Prodrive, and there is a new kind of GReddy 'heads up' boost gauge mounted on the instrument cover.

The turbo kit itself uses a Mitsubishi TD-04H 15G turbocharger and there is also a GReddy Airinx intake with yellow filter element. Power figures from the turbo are unknown at the moment, but it's great to see another turbo option so early in the ND's lifecycle.
GReddy Roadster ND Demo Car
GReddy Roadster ND Demo Car