Thursday 11 February 2016

Fujitsubo Roadster ND Demo Car

Fujitsubo Roadster ND Demo Car
The ND Roadster was a big hit at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon and proved a very popular choice for aftermarket tuning companies to show off their products. This Fujitsubo Roadster was put on display in collaboration with Kenstyle and had some very high quality parts fitted.

The base car used is an Arctic White 1.5 litre Special Package fitted with the 6-speed automatic gearbox. The exterior has been given the signature Fujitsubo red, black, and yellow graphics along with sponsor decals that hint at the parts fitted. A set of 17" BBS RG-R with polished lips and black centres compliment the white bodywork nicely. These wheels have a width of 7J with an offset of 38 and are fitted with 205/40/17 Michelin Pilot Sport3 tyres. Behind the wheels sit upgraded Endless MX72 brake pads. The car's appearance is further enhanced by aero styling parts from Kenstyle.

The new front lip spoiler features a two-tone colour scheme and is nicely sculpted around the lower part of the grille opening. At the rear there is a a diffuser style lower skirt piece that fits around a concept Authorize muffler by Fujitsubo. This muffler has a looping design with two silencers leading to four tailpipes with burnt titanium style tips. Fujitsubo have also fitted a prototype Super EX exhaust manifold and sports catalyzer which hopefully will see production if the response is good.

The interior additions include a pair of Bride Vios III bucket seats trimmed in red cloth, and an upgraded steering wheel. The wheel has been redesigned by Kenstyle and has thicker, more sculpted grips combined with Kenstyle extended paddle shift levers. By upgrading the standard wheel, Kenstyle have given it a great new look without being gaudy like many other aftermarket wheels.

The standard suspension was replaced for adjustable Tein Mono Sport coilovers. These are controlled by Tein's EDFC Pro device which enables remote electronic adjustment of the dampers. Tein's dampers can be individually controlled automatically in response to changing g-forces, effectively giving the car active suspension.

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