Saturday 30 January 2016

Project CARS StanceWorks Expansion

Mazda MX-5 Radbul
Project CARS continues to receive support and updates from developer Slightly Mad Studios. The latest downloadable expansion comes in association with StanceWorks, and includes four new cars and a new track for around £4.

The main selling point and attraction for Mazda fans is the chance to get behind the wheel of Mad Mike Whiddett's RADBUL rotary engined MX-5. This highly modified roadster is a bit of a handful to drive and packs 1200 bhp. RADBUL is designed for specatcular drifting and rarely wants to travel in a straight line.

The car's model has some nice detail throughout the engine bay which can be revealed after a couple of accidents whilst you get to grips with the interesting handling. The rear mounted radiator and fans can also be seen along with the specially built chassis and suspension arms.

The exhaust exits through the bonnet and has some nice spitting flame effects. The car will rev to around 11,000 rpm and sounds just as you'd expect a highly tuned turbocharged rotary to sound. There is a good feeling of boost and as with other turbocharged cars in the game, you have to be careful with your throttle controls or the rear wheels will just spin up and have you facing the wrong way in no time.

RADBUL is not easy to drive by any means, it's going to need a lot of setup work and you definitely need a steering wheel to get the most out of it. Once the controls are dialed in, I think it will be very rewarding and fun to drive. It's also great just to take to your favourite track and turn the sound up.
As well as the MX-5 this expansion also includes the KTM X-Bow R, a BMW 1 Series M Coupe, and a BMW 2002. Both of the BMW cars were modified by StanceWorks and feature their logo on some new liveries. These cars are ok but not really as interesting as the MX-5, they just seem like filler really. The KTM is pretty fun and has some nice detail around the rear exhaust and lights. The BMWs are pretty forgettable, I tried them out but will probably never drive them again.

The new track is a highlight and the second best part of this DLC. It's a spectacularly scenic circuit set in the Scottish highlands. The track is called Bannochbrae Road Circuit and has a distorted figure eight layout that twists through a village section before opening out into sweeping fields and bridge crossings. It has some nice high speed corners and lots of elevation changes, the only problem is you'll want to keep stopping to take photos.
You can watch the making of the real life RADBUL here