Monday 4 January 2016

Jupiter-Net NC Demo Car

The Jupiter-Net Garage demo car is a heavily modified Nordic Green VS model. I'd seen this car pictured in a few magazines and was curious to find out more. I managed to get in touch with the owner and am pleased to be able to bring you some more details about it. This Roadster features extensive exterior, interior, and performance modifications and is designed for use both on street and track to promote the Speed Club range of Roadster parts and upgrades.

Starting with a look at the inside, most of the interior trim has been stripped out to make way for the substantial fully welded Speed Club rollcage. A pair of black Bride Vios 3 seats and OMP steering wheel are also fitted.

Moving to the exterior, the standard front end has been replaced with an AutoExe NC2 front bumper with carbon wrapped lower edge and RS Factory Stage headlight trim. There are large wheel arch extensions from Goodwin Racing, and ducted side skirts by Bomex. The coupe-style carbon hardtop is from Garage Vary and gives a sleek new look.

The standard bonnet has been replaced with a vented aero bonnet by Nopro, and the standard door mirrors are swapped for small racing versions from Garage Vary. For track action, a large Voltex GT rear wing can be fitted and is shown in some of the photos. The exterior is finished off with various matt gold sponsor logos, Speed Club graphics, and a pinstripe design. The colour scheme works well, especially with the body colour being less common.
Looking at the performance modifications, just about everything that can be upgraded has been. The standard suspension has been swapped out for Koni suspension and tuned around Suzuka circuit. Standard brakes have been replaced with huge Wilwood Superlite 6-Pot brakes at the front, and a custom Speed Club big brake conversion at the rear.

The Super-LSD that Mazda fits has been ditched in favour of a high performance Cusco Type-MZ unit. Mazda's quick-shifting six-speed transmission is helped along by the Ogura Racing Concept ultralight twin plate clutch & flywheel for even faster gear changes and improved response.

The wheel and tyre package depends on whether the car is in track or street mode. For trackdays and events the car is fitted with Rays TE37V in a slightly staggered fitment with 17" 9.5J +30 at the front, and 17" 9.5J +15 at the rear, each fitted with Advan A050 race tyres in size 245/40/17. For general street use the wheels are switched to Advan RS in the same size as above and fitted with Advan Neova 08R tyres in size 235/45/17.
Engine modifications include a Tomei exhaust manifold, Nopro performance camshafts, and an HPI oil cooler which can be seen mounted in the corner of the AutoExe bumper.

Jupiter-Net are currently working on a more ambitious power upgrade. This will involve a 2.3 litre engine swap built with Super Tech forged pistons, custom camshafts, custom quadruple throttles, and head porting. Once all of this work is complete and mapped it is estimated the car will be running 300PS at 7800rpm.

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