Saturday 7 November 2015

Race Of Remembrance 2015

The Race of Remembrance is a 1000km eight hour endurance race organised by Mission Motorsport, the Forces' motorsport charity. The charity's aim is to provide opportunities within motorsport to help with the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations. Funds raised through the event go towards providing training in new skills, assisting wounded ex-service personnel with their ability to cope with a disability, as well as showing a wide audience the qualities of forces personnel that make them more employable upon leaving.

The three day Race of Remembrance event is now in its second year and again takes place at Anglesey circuit in north Wales. The event includes track action from F1 cars, drift cars, live music, and fireworks display. The main attraction consists of 45 teams and cars in a relay-style endurance race. The field consists of drivers of all abilities and various race-prepared cars such as Caterhams, Honda Integra, Honda Jazz, VW Golf, Lotus models, and various generations of MX-5.

For this year's race, wounded soldiers from Mission Motorsport are building a 1.5 MX-5 race car. With the ND MX-5 being so new everything on this car is bespoke as very few race parts are available off the shelf. The build was led by ex-REME Corporal James Webley and Falklands veteran Tony Compson.

In recognition of the 101st anniversary of the First World War, car number 101 features a vinyl wrap tribute depicting red poppy fields against a grey sky. The wrap was designed and applied by Pte Josh Green, LCpl David Colman, and LCpl Chris Read. The car will be driven by Rifleman Sam Parker and Rifleman Matt Noakes.

The poppy car started out as a Soul Red model with the regular 1.5 litre engine. The racing modifications include EBC brakes, TRS tow strap, and a bespoke 2.5" centre exit race exhaust from BBR. The standard air filter has been swapped for an ITG foam filter with custom duct in the front bumper. BBR have also tuned the engine and boosted power to around 160Bhp.

The handling was sorted with some MeisterR GT1 adjustable coilovers, an LSD has been fitted, and the standard alloy wheels were replaced for a set of Pro Race 1.3 by Team Dynamics. The interior has been completely stripped out and a custom rollcage fitted. Since the race will take place at night, some additional lighting from Great Whites is fitted to a custom front grille.
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