Friday 27 November 2015

Garage Vary ND Demo Car

Garage Vary's latest demo Roadster is a 1.5 'S' grade finished in the grey/white Ceramic Metallic colour. This car is being used to develop and prototype new aero parts for the ND models and can be seen at many Roadster related events in Japan.

Development work started on the car almost as soon as it was launched in Japan, making Vary's aero parts some of the first available on the market. The range of parts on offer currently includes two designs of front lip spoiler, running board style side skirts, a rear lip spoiler, tail light trim, and a trim piece for the rear wheel arch. Some of these parts are available in carbon fibre as an alternative to the usual FRP material.

As well as exterior styling parts, Garage Vary have also developed a unique cold air feed that runs from within the large front badge and connects to the factory air feed behind the bumper. It's a very neat solution and not something I've seen before on a Roadster, I guess increasing the size of the Mazda wings badge has a use after all.

There are some none-GV parts fitted to the car and the specification does change as new parts are developed. At the time of writing, the car is lowered on 17" Rays TE37V 8J ET25, they seem to fit nicely and the classic six spoke design works well. The stock exhaust has been replaced with a muffler from Integral Kobe to give a more sporty sound from the 1.5 litre engine. Inside, the standard cloth seats have been replaced with black & red Recaro RS-G SuperStark seats.

The car is due to make an appearance at the upcoming 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon in January, where a new vented bonnet and possibly rear bumper will be unveiled. You can see more of the car and keep up to date with new developments at
The demo car was shown at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon sporting Garage Vary's latest parts. The new vented bonnet and rear bumper mentioned above did make an appearance along with a more aggressive carbon front lip with canards, tinted lights, aero front wings, a new style rear spoiler, new rear diffuser, dual exit muffler, and a set of Work Seeker GX alloy wheels.