Monday 19 October 2015

Mazda MX-5 Arizona

The MX-5 Arizona was a 2002 special edition for the UK. This car was based on the regular non-sport specification so although it didn't get the 6-speed gearbox or Bilstein suspension, it did have some unique features not available on other models of MX-5.

Arizona was available with a 1.6 or the more powerful 1.8 S-VT engine with just a £600 price difference between the two. Sunlight Silver and Eternal Red were the two standard colour options. The new unique colour Blaze Yellow was available on the Arizona for an additional £250, it's one of the defining features of this model and was used prominently in the marketing materials. It also featured on the 2002 USA Special Edition model around the same time. This shade of warm, vibrant yellow would not be used on the MX-5 again.

Since the car is a 5-speed NB2 model, the 1.8 Arizona is fitted with a 4.1 Torsen limited slip differential, instead of the 3.6 reserved for the top 6-speed Sport models. The interior specification was quite good too. Black heated leather seats with silver contrast stitching, a matching Nardi steering wheel, and the accesssory style bar with windblocker were added at no extra cost.

Some silver trim was added to the interior to brighten it up along with stainless steel sill plates, a black leather gearknob and handbrake again with silver stitching were also included. Smart looking 15" alloy wheels and Arizona front wing badges complete one of the better equipped special editions.

Arizona was priced at £16095 for the 1.6 and £16695 for the 1.8