Thursday 6 August 2015

SuperMiata ND by 949Racing

949Racing are a small scale race shop based in Lake Forest, California. They are well known in the aftermarket MX-5 world and are the originators of the popular 6UL alloy wheel. 949 just released these images showing their intention to transform the new MX-5 into a dedicated track car - just as they did with previous generations.

Proprietor Emilio's plans for the ND include development of the suspension, differential, clutch, flywheel, ECU, brakes, and aerodynamics. The SuperMiata ND will be in a constant state of refinement with new parts being thoroughly tested on track before they are brought to market. The car is due to make an appearance at the SEMA show later in the year so be sure to look out for it.

These concept renders show how the new SuperMiata ND track car could look. Finished in signature bright orange paint the design includes 17" 9J 6UL wheels with 235/40/17 tyres, carbon fibre rear ducktail spoiler, lowered suspension, large front splitter, a prototype rollbar from Blackbird Fabworx, racing seats, exterior decals, and a colour-coded interior trim.

You can see more of 949 and browse the full range of products over at