Wednesday 19 August 2015

MX-5 Roadster ND Chassis Bracing

The new Roadster includes some chassis bracing as standard. These factory installed parts are quite thin and something of a compromise between function and cost. If you want to improve your car's handling you need to look to the aftermarket. There are already several options available to upgrade the factory bracing with more substantial designs and stronger materials.

AutoExe - signature red finish, steel construction

Mazdaspeed - from the genuine accessory catalogue

Kansai Service - 3mm front steel plates, aluminium bar

Kansai Service - aluminium

Kansai Service - chromium molybdenum alloy with steel brackets

Cusco - signature blue finish, sections sold seperately


Nielex steering knuckle brace

Beatrush rear tower brace

Okuyama Carbing - 3 piece set

Beatrush four piece set