Monday 20 July 2015

Roadster Bros Magazine Volume 8

The latest issue of the excellent Roadster Bros magazine was released on July 14th. My copy arrived today which means time for a quick review. Roadster Bros is a high quality glossy publication from Japan with 145 pages of reports, features, adverts, parts catalogues, and articles on all things Roadster related. At the moment it is published every 6 months and costs around £10.

Each Roadster generation is catered for

Volume 8's main feature covers the first impressions and some technical details of the Roadster ND and talks about how the aftermarket has been quick to embrace the new car. Several pages are dedicated to the major players in the MX-5 aftermarket showing off their new ND demo cars and the parts they have in development.

Waste Sports, Arena, JoyFast, AutoExe, TCR, Tein, Blitz, Cusco, Odula, RS Active, GarageT2, Nielex, DreamWorks, Kansai Service, Tuckin99, Garage Vary, Arrive, 58drive, Integral Kobe, Murakami Motors, Fujimura Auto, HKS, RS Factory Stage, and DAMD are all featured in some detail. From flicking through the pages you get the impression of a thriving aftermarket industry, even surpassing the NC launch.

The ND demo car gathering

Odula's Jet Black ND

As well as the ND feature, this issue includes reports from recent Roadster gatherings and on-track action, reviews on aftermarket products such as Tein's suspension options, useful tips on Roadster maintenance, and stories about reader's cars. There are also features on a very nice rotary powered NC, Olive Ball's 2.3 MZR with carbon fibre individual throttles, and Waste Sports' custom Aragosta suspension for the ND.

If you're even the slightest bit interested in Roadster tuning and parts you will love Roadster Bros. Of course it helps if you can read Japanese, if not then you can just enjoy the pictures. Also, in case you missed it, you can read my earlier thoughts on Volume 7.

Waste Sports' Aragosta suspension

JoyFast + Nopro

Reader's Rides

Extensive parts catalogue is included