Sunday 26 July 2015

MX-5 Roadster ND Front Bracing

Here we'll take a look at some of the options available for bracing the front suspension towers to the firewall. Just like the NC, the ND brace is made up of three sections which meet at the firewall on a mounting plate. The stock brace fitted to some models looks almost identical to the NC brace.

The optional Mazdaspeed branded brace is also very similar to the NC version and features the logo across the middle. As with the older model, this brace consists of 3 separate bars and 2 end brackets. It's debatable whether these joints weaken the brace's intended effect.

Some of the aftermarket solutions are more substantial with the AutoExe being a one-piece construction, and the Kansai Service adding a whole extra bar section. Another useful feature on some bars is the addition of a brake cylinder stopper, designed to suppress movement of this part under heavy braking.




Kansai Service


Tuckin99 / Leg Sport

MX-5 Global Cup Race Car

Long Road Racing (Global Cup retail version)



Carbing (Titanium)

Carbing (Aluminium)

AutoExe MX-5 ND Brace
AutoExe Brake Cylinder Brace

RK Design MX-5 ND Brace
RK Design