Monday 15 June 2015

MX-5 Roadster ND Suspension Options

This page will list a selection of the suspension options for the new MX-5. The table lower down the page contains some of the headline features of the various adjustable coilover units - it is intended for quick comparison only. Ideally before making a purchase you should take a drive in a car fitted with the suspension you're interested in but obviously this is not always practical.

Owner's clubs and forums can be useful here, as most Roadster enthusiasts are only too happy to show off their new modifications. The table will grow as more products come on the market, you can click on the manufacturer name to view their website. Note some of the pictures are examples only and do not show the Roadster's fitment.

Stock (Not Bilstein)

Stock Bilstein

Cusco ND5RC
Cusco Street ZERO A

Cusco Street ZERO

Tein ND5RC
Tein Flex Z

AutoExe Kijima Spec

RS☆R Sports ☆ i

Integral Kobe Jet's Master Spec (Endless/Eibach)

Spirit Spec-S



Knight Sports

T-Demand Pro Damper

- - Coilover Features Comparison - -

Manufacturer Model Damper
Max. Height
Adjust (mm)
Top Mount Spring Rate
Cusco Street ZERO A 40-way -108(F) -76(R) Rubber (F)(R) 6(F) 3.5(R) *
Cusco Street ZERO - -108(F) -76(R) Rubber (F)(R) 6(F) 3.5(R) *
Tein Flex Z 16-way -110(F) -112(R) Rubber (F)(R) 5(F) 3(R)
Tein Mono Sport - -110(F) -119(R) - 7(F) 5(R)
AutoExe Kijima-Spec - -25(F) -25(R) Rubber (F)(R) 2.5(F) 1.3(R)
Leg Sport Cup Damper 30-way - - 6(F) 4(R)
Murakami - 20-way - - 10(F) 8(R)
Spirit Spec-S 20-way - - 8(F) 6(R)
Öhlins DFV - - - -
Blitz ZZ-R - - - 5(F) 2.5(R)
RS☆R Sports ☆ i 36-way -55(F) -45(R) - -
Integral Master Spec 6-way - - -
Endless Zeal Function X 30-way - Aluminum (F)(R) 6(F) 3(R)*
Active Monaco - - - -
Deck - - - - -
Odula - 30-way - Aluminum (F)(R) 5(F) 3(R)
HKS Max IV GT 30-way -75(F) -88(R) Rubber (F)(R) 4(F) 4(R)*
HKS Max IV SP 30-way -59(F) -62(R) Pillowball (F)(R) 8(F) 6(R)*
Knight Sports - 33-way - Pillow Ball (F)(R) 7(F) 4(R)
Largus Spec S 32-way -85(F) -77(R) Rubber (F)(R) 6(F) 4(R)
BC Racing BR - - Rubber (F)(R) 5(F) 3(R)
Tuckin 99 - 12-way -60(F) -60(R) Rubber (F)(R) 6-8(F) 4-6(R)
KTS SC Damper System 15-way -67(F) -62(R) Rubber (F)(R) 6(F) 4(R)

*custom spring rates are available