Thursday 28 May 2015

The Roadster Production Line

Assembling The New MX-5

The new MX-5 is currently being built at Mazda's main plant in the Ujina district of Hiroshima. Ujina is pretty much the home of the MX-5 as every model has been assembled there since 1989.

Production of the new generation began in March this year so I thought it'd be interesting to take a quick look behind the scenes and see how the car is being put together.

Here workers are piecing together the new SkyActiv engines

Driveshaft and rear hub assembly

Differential being fitted inside the casing

Workers checking the front subframe assembly

Freshly built chassis is raised into the painted bodyshell

The famous powerplant frame (PPF) is added, joining front to rear

Interior trim fitment

Completed cars are subject to final inspection

Further quality control inspections

Ready for a lucky new owner :)