Friday 13 February 2015

Scratch Built Roadster

A very talented model maker from Japan has created this amazing scratch built Roadster. It's not quite completed yet but I wanted to highlight Katsu's work as the attention to detail here is stunning. Considering this model has been created almost entirely from scratch the accuracy is spot on, right down to the details of the door panels, the pedals and electric window switches. Take a look at these pictures, I'm sure you'll be impressed at the craftsmanship and skill on display.
The process starts with a block of modelling material cut to size using printed paper templates. The basic shape is then cut using a variety of chisel like tools, and details start to be outlined in pencil.
The cabin interior section is hollowed out along with the wheel wells. Front end headlight and mouth details are cut and moulded using a putty material. The seat is made entirely from scratch based on photos of the real thing.
The dashboard is created as a seperate piece. Inititally a steering wheel from an NC model kit is used, but this is soon customised into the new ND style. Rear end details take shape and even the radiator in the car's mouth is accurately modelled.
Headlight lens details are individually crafted and installed. The front grille is added and further refinement work on the interior such as the pedals and heater controls. The new 8-spoke design alloy wheel is adapted from an NC model wheel, with each spoke section built from scratch and wheel nuts added.
This is the stage Katsu is at right now, just some work left to do on final assembly of the brakes and wheels, then the windshield and wipers and light lenses to add. Shouldn't be too long before it's ready for a paintjob, stay tuned for the final product!

UPDATE: Progress has been made and colour has started to be added to the bodyshell and interior detailing. The tiny MZD Connect screen and instruments have been replicated by printing out images of the real thing. The red stitching detail on the seats was applied with a fine tipped marker pen.

UPDATE 2: The work has expanded with two additional cars added to show off different colour combinations. The exterior finishing touches include real reflective material for the mirrors, a textured finish for the soft top, and real plastic lenses for the front and rear lights. The paint job includes a chrome base layer followed by colour and clear coat to give a smart looking metallic finish. Realistic badges and show plates were created for the front & rear to complete this extremely impressive scratch build project.