Saturday 24 January 2015

Otto's Galaxy Grey NC

You may recognise this car or have seen pictures of it around the internet at some point. I remember seeing it a while back and was curious to know more about it, so when the owner contacted me I jumped at the chance to feature it here. This particular car is renowned throughout the Miata community in the USA where it goes by the name of Torqy and was previously owned and customised by Cyberbug.

The car started out as a 2008 Galaxy Grey coupe model and over time has been extensively modified. There're simply too many parts to go into full detail on everything, so lets start with the most obvious changes. The standard body has been transformed with a Bomex bodykit consisting of aggressively styled, track-oriented, front and rear bumpers with matching sideskirts. A huge APR rear wing, custom rear diffuser, and custom front splitter provide additional aero. The rear tow hook from IL Motorsport also adds to the trackday looks.

Torqy's arches were rolled and flared to accomodate 17x9 et40 Volk CE28N forged alloy wheels with 245/40/17 Advan AD07 tyres. Behind those wheels sits a big brake kit from Racing Brake with red painted 4-pot calipers and 13" discs at the front and RX-8 calipers and 12" discs for the rear. Custom cooling ducts, stainless lines, Endless pads, and Endless RF-650 fluid (as used in F1) complete the brake upgrade and help keep the car's extra power under control.

The boost in power comes from a Cosworth supercharger conversion that was tuned by Moto-East. You can see a video of a previous dyno run here, the car was tuned to 225 horsepower at the wheels. Since then a revised straight pipe exhaust has been fitted and the mapping tweaked, Otto says the true power is likely even higher now. The supercharger conversion uses a 3.1" pulley along with an AEM water injection kit, Racing Beat exhaust header, Flyin' Miata lightened flywheel, and 550cc injectors to provide the extra fuel. To help get the power to the ground, the standard Mazda LSD has been upgraded to an OS Giken with a custom 3.63 final drive.

Handling is optimised for track action and upgrades here include Ohlins DFV coilovers with custom valving and 13kg/7kg springs. A full range of AutoExe and HKS Kansai chassis bracing is fitted along with a Beatrush front brace, Nielex steering knuckle supports, AutoExe adjustable end links, Powerflex bushings, Hotchkis rear sway bar, and Tri-Point Engineering front sway bar.

For the interior, the revised NC2 centre console is installed together with a selection of Redline leather trim pieces. The standard seats have been swapped out for RaceTech RT9009 Carbon Kevlar race seats to save weight and give extra support. A custom double hoop roll bar from VAC Motorsports has been fitted and was designed to allow full operation of the coupe roof, the bright red paint contrasts nicely with the grey bodywork. The steering wheel is a custom 330mm Nardi Deep Corn.

For more details on the car and to read the story of how Otto came to own it, follow this link to