Tuesday 2 September 2014

Motsu's Crystal White Pearl NC3

Motsu's Roadster is a Crystal White S grade model from Tokyo. This car is a little unconventional being a 2012 NC3 model fitted with the earlier NC front end. The reasoning behind this is Motsu's personal preference for the look of the earlier bumper and also to do something different from other owners.

The original style front bumper conveniently allows fitment of the aggressively styled Nopro lip spoiler. This part could be painted body colour, but here it is left in original carbon fibre for a contrast effect. I think it works well with those satin black 16x8J Volk TE37 alloy wheels. The bonnet has been fitted with Nopro's hot air extraction vent which requires a large hole be cut through the aluminium bonnet. Also at the front, the empty foglight mountings are used to run ducting to the brake discs for cooling during trackday use.

Moving around the car, the sideskirts are left standard for now, and the rear has Nopro's small ducktail spoiler fitted. Nogami Project recently released a larger ducktail spoiler which comes in three sections similar to the Mazdaspeed factory option part. By now you've probably noticed the unusual hardtop fitted to this car. That's another Nopro part, it's a lightweight hardtop made of carbon fibre and here it has been wrapped to match the body colour. If you haven't seen my earlier post about this roof you can read it here.

As well as the exterior modifications, Motsu's Roadster also has several performance upgrades. The standard tyres have been changed to 215/50/16 Dunlop Direzza, and the suspension has been changed to premium Ohlins DFV adjustable coilovers. Cusco stabilizer bars are fitted to keep the car flat through the corners and an upgraded limited slip differential from ATS helps the car accelerate out of them. Dixcel brake discs and pads are used all round.

The engine has also had some work, with Nopro performance camshafts fitted followed by an ECU remap with a raised rev limit to 8000rpm. An oil cooler has been added and sits just in front of the radiator behind the front grille. The crank pulley has been swapped for an underdrive to increase engine response by reducing the drive loss from the engine's ancillaries.

Interior additions include a pair of Autobacs limited edition Recaro RS-G seats and a Sparco suede steering wheel.