Thursday 22 May 2014

Mazda MX-5 VIN Decoder

What does it mean?
You can use this chart to confirm your UK MX-5 VIN number matches the basic specification of the car. Note that the Vehicle Identification Number will not tell you details of the car's colour, trim, or any optional extras fitted. For full details you will need to contact a Mazda dealer and give them the VIN number to lookup on their systems. Build numbers for the NC started at 100001, then started again at 200001 for the introduction of the NC2 facelift.

There are 11 white & silver laser-etched security stickers showing the VIN on the car. Be sure to check they all match up and haven't been tampered with. They can be found on or near the following locations:

  • Front bumper near the airbox
  • Top of offside front wing
  • Top of nearside front wing
  • Underside of bonnet
  • Offside Door jamb front
  • Offside Door jamb rear
  • Offside Door
  • Nearside Door jamb front
  • Nearside Door jamb rear
  • Nearside Door
  • Underside of bootlid

Japanese market cars use a 10 digit number consisting of the chassis code NCEC followed by the 6 digit build number eg: NCEC236834 - another way of identifying a grey import.