Friday 9 May 2014

Autobacs Mono Craft MH1

Mono Craft is a custom car brand that was created by the Japanese Autobacs. They are known for producing a range of modified cars based on new production models, which are then made available for sale. Their work includes the GT-300, which was a widebody replica of the Autobacs Toyota MR-S JGTC race car, the Suzuki Swift based SS1, the Daihatsu Copen based DA1, a pickup conversion for the Nissan Cube, and an RX-8 conversion known as the MF1.

Mono Craft have also worked with the previous generation car to create the MM1, which was based on the NB Roadster Coupe. This car used a front end conversion kit from Fatra Styling. You can see one in the short video clip below.

At the 2006 Tokyo Auto Salon, Mono Craft presented the MH1. The show car was based on a 3rd Generation Limited model and featured the same Fatra bodykit as Mazda's Circuit Trial concept. The MH1 was a cosmetic transformation to the standard car and was sold through the Autobacs dealer network in Japan as a "turn key" conversion.

The conversion consisted of new FRP bonnet, front wings, headlights, front bumper, rear spoiler, rear LED tail lights, and rear bumper. There were also optional OZ Superturismo GT alloy wheels as seen on the Circuit Trial concept.

The following year, with the launch of the retractable hardtop Roadster Coupe model, a new version of the MH1 was released. Based on the Coupe it was simply referred to as the MH1 RHT. This new version featured a number of changes including new front spats, rear spats, sideskirts, front grille, and a minilite style alloy wheel as standard. Production was limited to 100 but the cars were available in Brilliant Black, True Red, Sunlight Silver, Stormy Blue, Galaxy Grey, and Copper Red. You can see more about the MH1 RHT in the Showcase.