Tuesday 11 March 2014

Neil's Galaxy Grey NC

Neil's car is a 2006 Galaxy Grey coupe model and is the first MX-5 from Australia to be featured on the site. During the course of Neil's ownership the car was modified for both performance and looks, including a supercharger conversion.

The exterior changes to the car include the Mazdaspeed front bumper which Neil has fitted with a custom mesh grille. This bumper is not easy to get hold of and is quite expensive, but it really does make a big difference to the car's looks and is well worth chasing. A set of clear lens side repeaters, rear mudguards, and gold painted rollbar trim finish off the exterior.

You've probably noticed the wheels fill the arches nicely. They're a staggered set of two-piece BBS LM with a highly polished lip and gold centre. The front wheel is a 17x8 ET40 and the rear 17x9 ET40. Wider wheels allowed wider tyres, so the car is fitted with 235/45/17 Federal 595 to help deal with the extra power. These wheels were a great choice, they really suit the NC.

Inside the car, additional gauges have been fitted to keep an eye on how the car is running. An oil temperature gauge was mounted in one of the vents and just above that sits a boost pressure gauge. Both of these feature red illumination to match the rest of the instruments. Sitting above the stereo is a DashDAQ unit which displays readings from the OBD2 port in real time, and is able to log various data such as intake temperatures and fuel ratios.

The car's exhaust system was completely replaced with parts from Goodwin Racing's Roadstersport range. The manifold has a ceramic coating to help reduce heat and the muffler's tailpipes feature the Roadstersport logo. You can get an idea of how this system sounds by clicking here.

The supercharger is the MP62 based kit from Flyin' Miata which is a development of the original Cosworth kit. It makes the car even more fun to drive and gives it the power Neil felt it was lacking. The car's grey/gold theme continues under the bonnet with gold detailing and a Beatrush brace bar.

Overall, I think this is a stunning car and a real credit to its owner. You can find out more about it over on Neil's site ggroadster.net