Tuesday 7 January 2014

MX-5 Roadster NC Rear Styling

Aftermarket Aero Parts
Continuing the theme of aftermarket options available for the third generation MX-5, here's a look at some rear styling parts. There is plenty of choice when it comes to customising the look of the rear of your car. Included here are bumper lips, mudguards, diffusers, tail lights, and completely new bumpers. There were a couple of genuine parts available from Mazda, including some unique designs that only appeared on the concept models.

Mazda M'z Tune NC1 lip

Ibherdesign NC1 lip

Odula NC1 lip

Odula NC2 lip

Mazdaspeed NC1 bumper

IL Motorsport NC1 bumper

Mazda NC1 lip

Mazda NC2 diffuser trim

Mazdaspeed NC1 concept lip

Chargespeed NC1 skirts & diffuser

Mazda Open Race diffuser

Jota GT diffuser

Yusho concept diffuser

Barchetta centre exit & retro lights

Bastuck NC2 diffuser

Fatra Styling Esqueleto NC1 bumper

Fatra Styling Esqueleto NC1 LED tail lights

Fatra Styling Esqueleto NC1 lip

Fatra Styling Esqueleto / MonoCraft MH-1 bumper

AutoExe NC1 bumper

ATH Hinsberger NC1 lip

Bomex NC1 bumper

Jet Stream NC1 diffuser

Jet Stream NC2/3 tail light trim

Garage Vary NC1 diffuser

Garage Vary NC2 diffuser

Garage Vary arch trim

Garage Vary diffuser trim

Nopro GT NC1 lip

Nopro arch extensions

Integral Kobe Jet's arch extensions

KD-X Burnout NC1 bumper skirts

DAMD NC1 lip