Tuesday 21 January 2014

Mazda's Auto Adapt Concept

2013 LA Auto Show
For the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show's design challenge, car designers from around the world were asked to come up with a 2025 vehicle concept that mimics aspects of nature to solve future transport problems. The idea being to focus on what we can learn from the natural environment about movement.

Mazda's entry was called "Auto Adapt" and was intended to mimic the phenomenon of how creatures in nature adapt to their environment. In terms of cars the accepted thinking is that in the future they will become completely autonomous with no need for driver input. The Auto Adapt concept is about how a vehicle and driver could adapt from being autonomous to full manual control. There were no details on how this would happen, it's merely an idea designed to provoke thinking. The car also looks pretty cool.

"In reaction to the impending demise of the 2025 driver, Mazda has designed “AUTO ADAPT.” Studying the biological phenomenon of adaptation and specifically how insects have adapted, Mazda has created a vehicle that has the ability to adapt from being fully autonomous to a manual machine. These vehicles are geared directly to those true drivers out there that long for the excitement found with driving an automobile; the excitement expected to be completely eliminated from the autonomous cars of 2025."