Sunday 24 November 2013

Steve's Stormy Blue NC2

Steve's car is a 2010 MX-5 2.0 Coupe model with Stormy Blue Mica paintwork. This car is notable for being one of the first in the UK fitted with the recently released BBR Turbo conversion.

Steve acquired the car in December 2010 and set about adding some underbody rust protection, lowering springs, and some chrome trim pieces. After driving around happily for two years Steve was facing a dilemma over whether to sell the car for something faster or keep it and work on improving the performance. Luckily for us, he chose the latter option.

The lowering springs and stock dampers that had worked well for the last two years were swapped out for new Meister-R adjustable coilover suspension. These gave a real improvement in the car's handling. Next on the list was the exhaust system. The stock exhaust manifold features a restrictive catalytic converter, this manifold was changed for a Racing Beat part. The second catalytic converter was also removed and replaced with a high-flow sports version at Roddison's Motorsport in Sheffield. To get the most out of these modifications, the car was remapped by Autotronix Developments resulting in peak power of 175Bhp.

This would probably be enough for most people, but Steve had heard talk of BBR's new turbo conversion and was tempted by the promise of even more power. After deciding to go for the Stage 1 conversion, the car was once again taken to Roddison's for the work. The BBR kit is very straightforward and looks good enough to be factory equipment. The only clue from the outside as to what is under the bonnet is a small intercooler visible through the front grille. Once completed the car was producing a very healthy 264Bhp and 300Nm.

The car's performance is totally transformed, and while it can remain docile below 3000rpm, beyond that it becomes a very rapid car with a 60% torque boost. Despite the increase in performance the car uses the standard clutch with no issues and 205/45/17 Michelin tyres provide plenty of grip. Now I wonder how long before Stage 2 beckons...