Monday 4 November 2013

Kita Chin's True Red NC2

One of my favourite modified Roadsters comes from Fukuoka, Japan. This is a True Red NC2 Coupe featuring a mix of well chosen aftermarket parts and some interesting one-off custom work.

Starting with the exterior, the car has a Garage Vary front lip spoiler and Sheonme numberplate relocating bracket fitted to a smoothed front end. The headlamps have been modified with black painted inner trim and the addition of two aftermarket angel eye lamps which operate as sidelights. The headlamps are finished off with IL Motorsport eyelid trim pieces.

The sides have been fitted with Chargespeed / Tuckin99 skirts. The wheels are 17" Tanabe SSR Professor SP1 in 7.5J width and an offset of 43, which is slightly lower than standard, these are fitted with 215/40/17 tyres. There is also a set of Craft Square carbon fibre door mirrors. The rear of the car is fitted with Nopro's lip spoiler for the coupe model. The rear lights have also been modified with a black painted inner trim and LED bulbs, they also feature red light pipes around the edges for a unique effect at night. You can see these lights working by clicking here.

The interior also has some nice additions, especially those Recaro SR-6 seats. The instruments have been given a makeover with some AWD gauge faces and surrounding trim pieces. Then there is a Momo steering wheel, gearknob, and handbrake handle. Some of the interior trim pieces, including the roll bar trims, have been colour coded in red to match the exterior. The retractable hardtop is controlled by a smartTOP module, and there is a GReddy Informeter which reads the car's OBD data and displays it on a 3.5" colour TFT screen.

There're a couple of performance mods on the car too. The engine bay features a Blitz Sonic induction kit with enclosed filter, a HKS exhaust manifold with high-flow sports catalytic converter, and a Cusco suspension tower brace. There is also a GReddy rear brace across the boot, and the car is lowered on GReddy's adjustable coilovers.