Friday 18 October 2013

Power Enterprise NC Demo Car

Supercharged Roadster
Power Enterprise's demo Roadster is a Winning Blue NC that features a bespoke supercharger conversion together with many original performance parts. This car was on display at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon.
The car is fitted with a supercharger mounted on the exhaust side. The piping is all bespoke by Power Enterprise and was routed to a front mounted intercooler. Other Power Enterprise parts fitted were an uprated fuel pump, uprated belts, Air Impulse filter, oil catch tank, Mag Power oil fiter, dual centre exit titanium muffler, stainless manifold, RS750 brake pads, and an uprated clutch. The interior features a pair of Bride Brix II reclining seats, and the underside is fitted with Carbing chassis braces. Yokohama Advan Racing RGII alloys are fitted along with Advan Neova tyres.

I haven't been able to find out much about the car's performance figures so I'd be interested to hear if anyone has more details.