Thursday 10 October 2013

Olive Ball Roadster NC Demo Car

Car Life Creator
Alongside their NA and NB shop cars, Japanese tuners Olive Ball have a modified Galaxy Grey NC track car used to compete in various time attack events.

The car is fitted with a stripped down and rebuilt LF-VE engine featuring Cosworth internals. Oversized pistons, aggressive camshafts, strengthened connecting rods, larger valves and reinforced valve springs are fitted. The exhaust system consists of a Sard manifold with sports catalytic converter & middle pipe, with an Amuse R1-Titan muffler. Induction is handled by Olive Ball's prototype ram air setup.

Olive Ball's Dog ​​Tooth coilovers with spring rates of 14k at the front and 9k on the rear together with Nopro and Integral Kobe bushes keep the car on the track. The standard 6-speed transmission is used but the LSD has been changed for a Cusco 1.5 way unit with a reduced final drive ration of 4.788 (down from 4.1) for quicker acceleration at the expense of top speed. There is also a lightweight flywheel and uprated clutch from Toda Racing. Stopping power is massively increased thanks to an R-Masters 6 pot caliper kit up front and Dixcel brake discs all round.
The exterior of the car features Olive Ball's own angeleye style ring headlights, Good-Win Racing Super20 arch extensions, Garage Vary front grille, Tuckin99/Chargespeed front lip spoiler, Jet Stream sideskirts, and a large Origin GT rear wing. The interior features a Mazdaspeed 4-point rollcage, Bride VIOS Low Max seats, and a 6-point racing harness.