Tuesday 1 October 2013

Mazda MX-5 Mithra

The MX-5 Mithra was a 2007 special edition for the German market. It is another variation of the Blaze and ZSport specification. For some reason the BBS forged alloy wheels are not included in this version, instead being replaced with the standard wheels.

The Mithra name takes inspiration from the ancient Persian god Mithra. You may wonder how this has anything to do with Mazda, but the story goes the Old Iranian deity Ahura Mazda was one of the inspirations for the name chosen by Mazda Motor Corp. There's a link there somewhere. Anyway, back to the car itself.

Mithra was available in three colours and two trim levels. You could have a 1.8 5-speed model with 16" alloy wheels, or 2.0 6-speed with 17" alloys and the Super-LSD fitted. The three colour choices were Radiant Ebony, Highland Green, and Stormy Blue. All models had air condition, clear lens for the 3rd brakelight and side repeaters, light stone coloured heated leather seats, and various silver trim pieces inside and out.