Thursday 17 October 2013

Midori's True Red NC

Midori's car is a True Red 6-speed RS model from the Gifu region of central Japan. This Roadster is almost unrecognisable due to the extensive modifications including a comprehensive range of high-quality AutoExe parts.

Starting with the exterior, the car is fitted with the complete AutoExe NC-03 bodykit. This consists of a radically redesigned front bumper with enlarged grille for improved cooling, headlamp trims, sideskirts, rear lip spoiler, and a rear bumper with vents. You've probably noticed the large rear tonneau cover, that's part of DAMD's Black X Metal series, it's designed to smooth airflow over the seat headrests. Bomex did something similar for the NA/NB generations.

The AutoExe rear lip spoiler was recently changed for a larger rear wing by Esqueleto. The new wing is part of their Ultimate Edition range of aero parts for the NC. The vented bonnet is by Over Drive Odula. The alloy wheels are 7.5J 17" OZ Palladio with an offset of 48, here they've been given a subtle gold effect. Some AutoExe decals add a finishing touch to the exterior.

Underneath the exterior mods there're plenty of performance orientated changes. The standard RS Bilstein suspension has been replaced with adjustable AutoExe coilovers. To further improve handling there is an AutoExe front tower brace, AutoExe tie rod ends, Nielex steering knuckle braces, AutoExe chassis brace, and Nielex rear subframe brace. The brakes are upgraded with Dixcel slotted discs, and the clutch and flywheel were replaced with AutoExe upgrades.

The exhaust manifold is by AutoExe, as is the induction setup which features a carbon airbox and cold air feed from the front grille. The car's battery is an upgraded Optima Yellowtop and AutoExe dampers ensure the bonnet is held in place with style.

The interior of Midori's car features a pair of red Recaro seats, Sat Nav system, Momo black leather steering wheel, and Artworks/Dewa gauge faces and various trim pieces. Overall this is an extravagant Roadster that deserves to be shown off.