Sunday 27 October 2013

Masato's Crystal White Pearl NC2

Masato's Roadster is an NC2 5-speed NR-A model in the bright Crystal White Pearl from Aichi, Japan. The NR-A was marketed as an ideal lightweight trackday car featuring height adjustable Bilstein suspension and the limited slip differential normally found on 6-speed models. This one also has some exterior modifications.

The car has had the front end swapped to the Nopro front bumper. This design is based on the NC1 Mazdaspeed aero front and looks great with the newer style headlights. There is also a Nopro relocation bracket to move the number plate to the side.

To improve handling on track there are a set of 16" Volk Racing CE28 wheels with matching Rays wheel nuts. The wheels are fitted with 205/50/16 Dunlop Direzza trackday tyres.

Another exterior mod you may have noticed is the contrasting black windscreen surround. This looks great when the hood is up and works really well with the white bodywork and dark wheels. The car also has some LED upgrade bulbs in the front and rear lights and headlights with 6700k output.

The interior of the car is fitted with a Recaro SP-G driver's seat, RX-8 gearknob, Clarion navigation system, and a Blitz R-VIT. This device reads real time diagnostics data from the car's OBD2 port and displays it on a colour LCD screen using customisable gauges. The dash top area, instrument surround, and centre console have been trimmed in black alcantara to reduce reflections in the windscreen.