Saturday 5 October 2013

Joy Fast NC Demo Car

Panda & Tiger
Japanese tuning company Joy Fast have an NC Roadster demo car they use to compete in time attack events. The car is originally a 2005 model that has been extensively modified over the years. Joy Fast's car is intended for street and circuit use and competes in the 205 Cup time attack events which limit tyre size to 205/50/16 and feature circuits such as Tsukuba. Thanks to the white and black colour scheme, the car was given the nickname Panda.
Some of the performance modifications carried out include an HKS sports catalytic converter, Integral Kobe N-Zero muffler, Tomei performance camshafts, large bore throttle body, and a modified PCM that removes the speed limiter and increases the max revs to 7500rpm. To save weight the soft top was deleted and an Okuyama Carbing rollbar fitted behind the seats in place of the factory part. The car rides on high-end Ohlins DFV adjustable suspension and depending on the event, 215/45/17 front tyres and 235/40/17 rear tyres.
The exterior features many aftermarket parts. The front bumper started off as the factory item and over time was changed to an Overdrive Odula replacement with integrated air intake just under the bonnet shut line. This was later upgraded again to the Odula GT bumper which features a deeper integrated front lip and larger central vent opening. The bumper was also fitted with Integral Kobe canards to direct airflow and help with front downforce.
The vented bonnet is a lightweight carbon part from Garage Vary. The sideskirts are by Tuckin99 and the rear features a Nopro lip under the factory bumper and a large Voltex GT wing. A rear ducktail spoiler by Jetstream was added. The rear lights are custom in the style of the Eunos Roadster and side repeaters have been changed for Zoom Engineering parts. To reduce drag and weight, small carbon fibre door mirrors by Craft Square replace the standard electric mirrors. The car also had a feature in the latest issue of Hyper Rev.
Unfortunately Panda met its end after an accident earlier in 2013 with the car suffering heavy front end damage. Not to worry though, as thanks to Joy Fast's expertise the car was repaired and resprayed a shade of yellow. They also took the opportunity to upgrade to the NC2 engine and NC3 front end, NC2 side skirts, and added Garage Vary's lightweight fastback style hardtop to give the car a totally new look and begin a new chapter for the demo car. The yellow and black colour scheme has inspired the car's new nickname of Tiger.