Friday 11 October 2013

Hirotaka's Sunflower Yellow NC2

Hiro's car is an NC2 RS grade coupe model finished in Sunflower Yellow. This is a colour that was never available in the UK which is a shame as it's a really nice shade and suits the Roadster so well. Where better to show off the colour than with a photoshoot in a field of sunflowers?

This Roadster doesn't feature any extravagant aftermarket styling parts, yet still manages to stand out due to its unique colour and a few small mods. You've probably noticed the spoiler on the back looks familiar. It's the Mazda adjustable rear wing from the previous generation's shop options catalogue. I haven't seen it fitted to an NC before but it seems to work quite well even on the coupe model with the larger rear end.

The exterior is pretty much standard with chrome trim on the door handles and a polished fuel filler lid. The facelift RS wheels have been painted black and highlighted in yellow to match the bodywork which gives an interesting visual effect from a distance. The brake calipers are also colour matched to the bodywork. The rear Mazda wings badge has been replaced with a nostalgic Ẽfini badge, which used to be Mazda's sports brand and is most closely associated with the RX-7.

Moving on to the interior we find a nice pair of Recaro SR-7 seats finished in bright red fabric which contrasts nicely with the Sunflower Yellow. Also inside we can see the yellow theme continues with a colour coded dash trim panel and rear view mirror. There is also a colour coded gauge pod mounted on top of the dash. A Momo Drifting steering wheel is fitted, this has the drifting text offset so that when you're mid-slide the text reads along the top.

In terms of performance modifications, the car is standard but does have an experimental triple tailpipe muffler tuned to produce an exotic sports car sound. You can have a listen to it by clicking here.