Friday 4 October 2013

Emily & Dave's True Red NC

Emily and Dave's car is a 2006 1.8 model finished in True Red. The car has undergone a complete transformation at the hands of Dave under Emily's direction, and is intended to be used as a demonstration MX-5 for Deepcar Autobodies. The car has been treated to a complete respray in the original colour with a subtle red flake added to the paint to catch the sunlight. It doesn't show up too well in photos but if you see the car in person you'll notice the special effect the paint flake creates.

Whilst the car was being resprayed several unique bodywork modifications were made. The front and rear bumper trims were colour coded along with the rollbar trim pieces. A smooth look was decided on for the rear end so the towing hook cover was deleted along with the bootlid keyhole. The fuel filler was even relocated inside the boot using custom brackets. The rear is finished off with a small bootlid lip spoiler and a smoke effect on the rear lights.

The front of the car looks very different to your regular MX-5 thanks to a Mini Cooper S bonnet vent that has been blended in with the factory front bumper. This gives the car a more aggressive look and also helps with cold air induction. The front end is completed with IL Motorsport eyelids, smoke effect headlamps, a colour coded air splitter, and a relocated number plate.

Other modifications include 18" BK Racing alloy wheels painted a shade of gold, contrasting black door mirrors and windscreen surround, an engine remap by Autotronix, Cobra stainless muffler with 3.5" tailpipes, Mazdaspeed sideskirts, Bilstein dampers with Roddison's Motorsport lowering springs, and Deepcar Autobodies promotional graphics.

For the interior, red leather seats from the 3rd Generation Limited model, RS instrument gauge faces, and Artworks/Dewa trim pieces, give the inside a premium feel. Future plans include adding the appearance package front spoiler, a blended ducktail style rear spoiler, and a centre exit exhaust.