Monday 14 October 2013

Dan's Stormy Blue NC

Dan's car is a 2.0 5-speed Coupe model in Stormy Blue Mica from the Aichi area of Japan. Stormy Blue, like Copper Red, is one of the more understated MX-5 colours which presents a sophisticated and classic roadster image. Now you may be looking at this car and thinking what's going on, it looks nothing like an MX-5. Well, that's because the car has been converted into the Autobacs monoCRAFT MH1.

Autobacs would take a brand new regular NC and convert it to their spec, before selling it as a new car through their network. The conversion consists of 12 original parts including the Minilite style alloy wheel with mH1 centre caps. The major changes are a completely new front end with headlights in the style of classic 60s roadsters such as the Healey and Spitfire. The replacement front wings make a feature of the wheel arch by extending it further back and also adding a small side vent.

The rear of the car is fitted with a new bumper with sculpted corners that flow from the rear wheel arch. A three piece rear lip spoiler sits on the bootlid and extends around the new rear light fittings. The rear lights are a quad-circle retro style given a modern twist through the use of LED bulbs. The mH1 badge gives the rear a finishing touch.

Inside, the car has been given a colour coded Stormy Blue dash trim panel. The door cards have been trimmed with dark blue fabric accents which match the blue and black cloth seats. The floor mats are a black and blue chequered design by Karo, and there are also black leather gear and handbrake gaiters with coordinated blue stitching. The instruments are fitted with Artworks/Dewa trim pieces that have the monoCRAFT mH1 branding printed on, which you can just see in one of the pictures. There is also a metal plaque stamped with the Autobacs build number, in this case number 22.

If you remember the Circuit Trial concept also featured this body conversion, I wasn't sure at first but it's definitely grown on me. The conversion is the work of Fatra Styling and is sold in kit form as part of their Esqueleto range, where it is known as the Clima.