Thursday 5 September 2013

Zoom Engineering Side Repeaters

The LED Version
I received a package in the mail today, it's come all the way from Hachioji city in the Tokyo metropolis area of Japan, that's some 5880 miles. As with anything imported here, it takes far longer to clear Customs than it does to actually travel the distance.
Anyway, what's inside? Well it's the LED side repeaters from Zoom Engineering. Zoom have a range of cool parts for the older models, but not so many for the NC. Fortunately one of the parts that fits all generations are the side repeaters, in fact I think it may be the only part they have in common.

Inside the box there're a pair of lights with wiring, these are the LED versions so have a resistor in the wiring so that the indicators don't flash too fast. You also get a colour printed instruction sheet, some crimp connections, and a Zoom Engineering sticker. These LED versions cost an extra 630 JPY I wanted a more modern look so chose them but you can also have regular bulb versions and also an amber lens if you wish. You can view them on Zoom's website here.
The lights themselves are made of stainless steel and have a nice brushed finish to them. It's not as showy as bright chrome, but they have a real feeling of quality and are quite heavy compared to the stock plastic lights. Fitment is easy and only requires a flathead screwdriver to remove the old light, you then crimp these to the indicator wiring and stick in place with the double sided foam tape on the back. Can't wait to try them out!