Thursday 12 September 2013

RE雨宮 GReddy VI

1996 Rotary Turbo Show Car

Japanese rotary specialists RE-Amemiya, in partnership with Trust/GReddy, created a series of demonstration cars for the Tokyo Auto Salon show. The sixth in this series was based on the Autozam AZ-1. When I say based on, I really mean very loosely based on, as the car only uses the gullwing cabin from the little kei car, the rest is totally different.

The 6 first appeared at the 1996 Salon in a bright red and gold colour scheme, with custom bodywork looking like a Le Mans prototype racer. It has an impressive list of performance modifications with the standout feature a turbocharged triple rotor 20B engine mounted behind the cabin. The turbo is a Mitsubishi T78-33G unit with a wastegate from Trust, an intercooler borrowed from a GTR, and a manifold and muffler by RE-Amemiya, controlling all of this is an ecu from Motec.
The car's bodywork is all custom by RE-Amemiya with a massive roof-mounted air intake and the rear having a hint of McLaren F1 to it. Inside there is more custom trim and a full rollcage from Stack Performance, and a Pioneer Carrozzeria audio system. The car was fitted with Raybrig headlights, Bilstein racing suspension and massive Brembo brakes from the F40. The wheels were RE-Amemiya AW-7 in 18x7.5 for the front and 18x8.5 for the rear. These were fitted with 255/35/18 (front) and 295/35/18 (rear) Yokohama tyres.
Five years later the car made a second appearance at the 2001 Tokyo Auto Salon. This time featuring a white paintjob with new black graphics. New aero modifications were added consisting of a front air splitter, front canards, and a large rear wing. New wider Desmond Regamaster Evo alloy wheels were fitted and the brakes were changed to those from the F50.