Monday 16 September 2013

Jon's Sunlight Silver NC

Jon's car is a 2006 Sport model in metallic Sunlight Silver. Jon bought the car in 2010 after previously owning a supercharged NA model, and immediately set about modifying it. Lowering springs were fitted to the standard Bilstein dampers followed by a wheel alignment setup at Roddison's garage. The stronger anti-roll bars from the RX-8 were added to help minimise body roll and keep the car flat in the corners. With the handling and ride height sorted, Jon added some interior refinements, performance parts, and exterior pieces to make the car stand out from the crowd.

Jon has fitted the NC appearance pack front and rear lip spoilers, and a set of Mazdaspeed side skirts to give the car a more aggressive appearance. Adding to this are the IL Motorsport headlamp eyelids and custom headlamps featuring a black painted inner bezel and removal of the orange lens. If you're thinking about doing the same to your lights, Jon was kind enough to write a guide which you can find here .

To contrast with the silver paintwork Jon has fitted lightweight 17" alloy wheels and given them a gunmetal finish and slimline tuner nuts. The exterior looks were finished off by a subtle tint to the rear lights, removing the rear MX-5 and Mazda badges (they don't leave holes thankfully), a short radio antenna from the Honda S2000, and a satin black finish for the Mazda wings badges.

On the inside, the wiper control stalk from the RX-8 was fitted as it has the extra intermittent speed control, an iPod connection was added together with custom gauge faces and a head-up display. With regards to performance, Jon's car features a Cosworth air filter, IL Motorsport rear muffler, Racing Beat 4-1 exhaust manifold, and a de-cat centre pipe.

Most recently a new bootlid has been fitted with a ducktail spoiler smoothed in by Deepcar Autobodies. This gives the car a unique look at the rear and works really well with the rest of the styling. Jon's MX-5 also benefits from his experience as a car detailer, you can find out more on his website -