Thursday 8 August 2013

Reset The Steering Angle Sensor

How to reset the DSC system
The Roadster's Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system relies on the steering angle sensor being initialised. This calibration information is stored electronically and there are a number of situations that can cause it to be lost. The most common one will be loss of electrical power to the steering angle sensor due to disconnecting the battery for some unrelated purpose (or the battery going flat).

If any of the following occur, the system will need to be reset.
  • Negative battery cable disconnection
  • Steering angle sensor connector disconnection
  • Removal of the 15A ROOM fuse
  • Wiring harness disconnection between battery and steering angle sensor connector
If your car's system needs resetting the DSC warning light will come on and the DSC OFF light will be flashing while you are parked up. The procedure for resetting is as follows:
  1. Turn ignition swtich to ON
  2. Confirm DSC light illuminates and the DSC OFF light flashes
  3. Turn steering wheel to full right lock, then to full left lock
  4. Confirm DSC OFF light stops flashing and goes out
  5. Turn ignition off
  6. Turn ignition switch back to ON
  7. Confirm DSC light does not illuminate
    • If the DSC light doesn't go out, disconnect and reconnect the battery negative terminal and restart the procedure
  8. Go for a 10 minute drive and confirm the ABS and DSC lights do not come on