Thursday 22 August 2013

MX-5 Roadster NC Suspension Options

Choosing an aftermarket suspension kit for the Roadster can be a daunting task. There are a ridiculous amount of kits on the market ranging from a few hundred pounds to several thousand. It can be difficult to wade through all of the marketing claims and find a solution that meets your needs. The car's ride height and ride quality are very subjective things and the way the car 'feels' is different for different drivers. Some are only interested in lowering the car as much as possible, others prefer to have numerous levels of damping adjustment and the perfect spring rate. My advice is to try and get a ride in a car with the suspension you are considering buying to see how it handles the bumps and corners. Enthusiast forums such as MX5Nutz are a good place to arrange this as fellow owners are usually more than happy to show off their car.

I am not even going to begin to try and explain the intricacies of chassis dynamics (it goes way over my head), nor am I trying to review each of these adjustable coilover options. I am merely showcasing the variety of choice we have and grouping them based on their cost. What I will say is that before you spend hundreds of pounds on new suspension, you should consider allocating some budget to have the wheel alignment adjusted to get the most benefit from your new investment. The following pictures are for illustration only and not all of them show the exact model damper for the NC.

Budget Range < £500


Middle Range £500 - £1000
AVO Performance GTZ
Stance Super Sport
Megan Racing EZ Street
BC Racing BR Series
D2 Racing RS Series
GReddy Type-S

H&R Koni Street Performance

GAZ GHA Classic

Ksport Control Pro

Megan Racing Street Series

Meister R Zeta-S

Silver's Racing Neo Max

Skunk2 Pro ST

XYZ Racing Super Sport

Yellow Speed Competition
Premium Range £1000 - £1500
Ksport Rally


Bilstein B14

Blitz Damper ZZR

BuddyClub Junior Spec

Cusco Street Zero A

Eibach Multi Pro R1

KW Variant 1
Toda Racing Fightex

TEIN Type Flex
Super Premium Range £1500+
Aragosta Type S

AutoExe Tuneable Sports



BuddyClub Hi Spec

Cusco Sport Zero 3S

KW Variant 3


Ohlins DFV

Pitcrew Racing

Endless Zeal Function X