Sunday 21 July 2013

Mazda Surprising Drives

The Mazda UK website is running a promotion just now called "Surprising Drives".  By playing a browser based mini-game, you can be entered into a draw to win a trip to the USA, Norway, or Italy and test drive a Mazda car.  The USA trip is to the LA Dry Riverbed driving the Mazda 6, or you could be taking a trip to Atlantic Road in Norway to take the CX-5 for a spin, or my personal favourite, driving the MX-5 Roadster along the Stelvio Pass in Italy.
To be in with a chance of winning one of the three prizes, you need to take a trip into what looks like a Mazda laboratory and guide a robot by the name of MZ-13 (looking like a futuristic egg with a arm sticking out) into grabbing a sphere with the flag of the drive you're interested in.  You can go there now by clicking this link.  After registering your name and email and confirming you're over 25 and hold a full driving licence, you'll be shown a short tutorial on how to manoeuvre MZ-13. 
It's pretty simple, he moves forwards, backwards, and side to side.  Then when you're happy with his position hold down the space bar to grab.  Kind of like those grabber machines you get in amusement arcades.  Just to make your life difficult, the flag spheres seem to move around and you only get 60 seconds.
If you're successful, MZ-13 will grab hold of a sphere and examine it...
You'll then have to answer a short questionnaire about your car buying habits, before being taken to the next screen which shows a short Youtube video of MZ-13 cracking open the sphere to find a Mazda car key and attempting to open the car door...
What will be inside?  Well you'll have to wait and see, the winners will be announced soon apparently.  Good luck!