Sunday 16 June 2013

Roadster NC Kurenai Concept

The Kurenai (Japanese for Crimson) was a concept Roadster coupe presented at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon as part of Mazda's 17 car lineup. The car was based on the RS trim and was given a unique interior and exterior. I think it looks quite nice in the purple colour, but I just couldn't live with those wheels or the bright red interior. The official description read:
"The "exhilaration of the open-top" and the "practicality of a coupe" were the two fun aspects that were designed into the Roadster Power Retractable Hard Top. Chrome parts highlight the premium styling, while glass flakes blended into the purple body color accent the charming atmosphere. Inside, red Italian leather and Alcantara make up the mature color scheme. The Kurenai is a chic open-style customized model perfect for passionate people."