Sunday 9 June 2013

Mazda MX-5 Icon

Icon was a 2007 special edition available in the UK. The car was based on the standard model 1.8 and 2.0 option pack model, both with the 5-speed gearbox. There were 875 1.8 models and 375 2.0 models. Available in a choice of three patriotic colours; Copper Red Mica, Stormy Blue Mica, and the unique solid colour Marble White, it seems this edition was all about celebrating and acknowledging the MX-5's roots in classic British roadsters. The red, white, and blue colour options would appear again a few years later for the 20th Anniversary model. This is the third time "Icon" has been used as a special edition name.

The entry level 1.8 was original priced at £16,825 with the 2.0 costing a little more at £17,825, the extra equipment included was said to be worth £1500. Despite being a special edition, the car's specification is not particularly high but then neither was the price. The top Sport model's specification easily beats Icon with its 6-speed gearbox and Bilstein suspension, but then it cost more to begin with. However the attraction and main selling point with the Icon comes from parts included that would not otherwise be found on a base model.

The most notable feature are the black leather seats, they aren't heated but they did come with an embossed "Icon" logo and matching stitching depending on the car's paint colour. Copper Red and Marble White cars had red stitching, while Stormy Blue had blue stitching. Air conditioning, Icon branded floor mats, stainless sill plates, chrome roll bar trims, leather steering wheel, leather handbrake handle, leather gearknob, and Icon front wing badges were included on all models. The 2.0 litre also benefits from having the Super LSD, Dynamic Stability Control with Traction Control, and height adjustment on the driver's seat so you could optimise your driving position a little better than on the 1.8 car.

Let's take a look at the brochure which seems to be conveying a message of "Yes we know the weather in the UK is terrible, but you have some great roads so you should still buy a convertible".

 Front Wing Badge & Copper Red Mica reflection
Leather Seat Headrest Branding