Wednesday 29 May 2013

Mazda Document Holder

Keeping it all together
Today I picked up a 2013 Mazda owner's document wallet to take a look at.  You'd get one of these to keep all your documents in if you bought a brand new Roadster (or any model I suppose) from a dealership.  Alternatively you could do what I did and get one from a Mazda dealer's online parts shop for around £10.  Previous owner's manual holder things that I've had with my older MX-5s were a black leather type material with metal edges and embossed Mazda logo.  This new version is quite different so let's take a closer look.

The wallet is approx. A5 size, maybe a little bigger and predominately made of a black woven nylon type material.  The front cover has a nice bit of detail in the white angled Mazda corporate identity shape, a stuck on 3D wings badge in chrome effect finish with printed Mazda branding underneath, and lastly a print of the "Zoom Zoom" slogan to the lower right hand corner.  The securing clasp features a magnetic fastening and should do the job nicely.  Looks nice overall but the quality isn't quite up there with the older leather ones, cue the pictures!
Let's see what we get on the inside.  On opening you can see there is an inner lining in a grey with a very subtle "Zoom Zoom" print that is almost holographic and only seems to be visible under certain lighting conditions.  I've tried to capture it in a photo to show you, but it obviously looks better when you're holding it in your hand. 

In terms of features the inside gets one large expandable pocket with elasticated sides, presumably for the owner's handbook which can be quite thick.  The opposite cover has one large pocket which could hold a few sheets of folded A4 paper, possibly the service record book.  You also get some credit card storage sized spaces to hold business cards or other small things.  There are three of these.