Monday 20 May 2013

Mazda MX-5 Kaminari

The MX-5 Kaminari (Japanese for 'thunder') was the German equivalent of the UK Kendo model released in 2011. Though the Kendo was available in two colours, the Kaminari got an extra one called Liquid Silver.

Kaminari was only available with the 1.8 engine though buyers did get the option of a soft top or slightly more expensive coupe version. Grey heated leather seats, chrome accents, and 17" alloys were standard. An optional technology package gave the 1.8 Kaminari the 2.0 Kendo's BOSE Bluetooth stereo system.

Elsewhere in Europe this specification was known as the Iruka, which roughly translates from Japanese as dolphin, again hinting at the new shade of grey.